Handmade luxury jewelry from Lenka Šváchová


The Enamor collection was inspired by a love for glass and new ideas.

The Enamor collection is about transforming thoughts, wishes or ideas into solid, real objects.

When you see the Enamor glass ball, there is something inside. A color which has unique shape. This color represents an original thought, feeling, wish in your or somebody else’s mind. The ball evokes an empty crystal ball which is used for predicting the future. But the 27jewelry ball already  has something inside. You can clearly see it. It is no magic or trick. It is something which already exists like the thoughts in our minds. You don’t need to wait for any magic help. You already know what you want, feel or where you want to go in your life. You just need to make your imagination real. Anybody who own the 27jewelry Enamor ball can project their own wish into it.

Wear it yourself or give it as a meaningful gift to a special person.

Enamor can give you or your loved ones powerconfidence, encouragement or you can just enjoy the fragile and unique beauty.

The jewels are made from glass set on silver findings.

Every finding is handcrafted.

Enjoy picking the right color or color combination!


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