Handmade luxury jewelry from Lenka Šváchová



27JEWELRY pieces are handmade and one of a kind contemporary jewels designed and made by Lenka Šváchová.

Each of her pieces contains a treasure of personal history. Glass sits in coexistence with silver, and gold with precious stones. Using her own techniques she creates two handcrafted lines:

The Glass and Silver collections are focused on the beauty of glass where she plays with colors, explores the spherical form and creates abstract, yet feminine statement pieces.

The Gold and Diamond collections concentrate Lenka’s unique way of building the pieces through wax, exploring the forms of flowers or organic ‘branch’ like shapes which Lenka transforms into high end one of a kind pieces that the owner will adore and wear again and again.

Lenka continues to grow her business at her studio in Prague, the Czech Republic,  in the very heart of Europe. As the designer and a certified goldsmith Lenka is able to create handmade, bespoke, pieces which her clients can be sure are unique and embody something truly personal — as great jewelry should.

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Precious Single Flower Production

“All my work is made by hand with an emphasis on detail, femininity and individuality captured in each piece of jewelry.” – Lenka Šváchová, founder, designer and creator of 27JEWELRY

Lenka Šváchová

Qualified Goldsmith, Jeweler and Designer

Lenka Šváchová’s jewelry speaks to many different kinds of women — sophisticated, feminine, modern, this list can go on. What these women all have in common is a sense for individuality and style.

Lenka’s unique, fluid, approach to design permits her to capture the organic and changing forms of the materials she works with and shape that into elegant pieces which are also slightly rough and sensuous. This is what makes her jewelry recognizable. For Lenka, her jewelry must be compelling. It must be expressive and associative. She is uncompromising on the quality and the precision required to create each piece. She does not hesitate to begin a design again from scratch in order to get it into the perfect form.

It is in this spirit that Lenka Šváchová intuitively creates her luxurious and remarkable jewelry.

The Path to Gold

Lenka has been creating since her childhood. She was always interested in the most various materials and for many years she dreamed of working with glass and precious metals. It took her, however, until adulthood before she finally fulfilled her wish. Lenka taught herself how to work with glass. She discovered a starter kit and started to explore. Her passion and resolve brought this hobby to a professional level. Her talent allowed her to learn to create things in months which typically take others years to learn. While working with glass she began working with precious metals. However, to fulfill her dream of working with gold she knew she would have to go back to school, not only for the formal certification but also to learn the best practices in working with precious metals. As an apprentice with the prestigious Prague jewelry brand Ellissi she learned the best techniques. It was only a logical consequence that she began to include precious stones into her designs which have since added another dimension to her work.

Lenka studied printing and graphic design at a specialist high school and then went on to study pedagogy at Charles University. Fate, however, led her to jewelry making. During her goldsmithing studies, Lenka learned of a strong tradition of goldsmiths in her family. Research into the family history uncovered evidence of eight generations of goldsmiths starting in the year 1650. After learning of this, Lenka was sure that her talent for jewelry making was not a mere chance, but a gift. She’s now proud to have revived the storied family tradition and she endeavors to maintain the same quality of jewelry making as one of the most significant of all Prague goldsmithing families — Kerlitzky.